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How to plan for workflow automation

Technology enabled workflow automation is arguably the highest priority for business leaders who are seeking to streamline and align their business for the future. Ambitious managers understand how automation and smart processes will aid their day-to-day activities.

What is workflow automation?

The current landscape of the workplace is quite paradoxical – on the one hand, advanced automation technologies such as robotics are gaining acceptance, while on the other, inefficient manual processes and workflows are still around.

workflow automation

Top 7 features your workflow management system must have

If you need to develop web applications and mobile apps that will automate your business workflows, what features do they need? We have listed our choice of the top 7 features that any workflow automation system must include.

MSME’s roadmap to Industry 4.0

Imagine a real-time dashboard portal where information about pending orders, inventory, production schedule, dispatch details is available in real-time at the management’s finger tips. This information further feeding into models and reports to provide analysis of production...