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At CCR Technologies, our focus on process optimization while designing workflow automation systems leads to reduced errors, enhanced quality, faster results and better reporting.

Some features in workflow automation systems that we have delivered that led to business process optimization for our customers are:
A financial services client was using Excel spreadsheets to manage a database of over 10000 securities. Data about these securities was being downloaded manually. Our workflow automation system automated the data capture process and put advanced validation and verification checks in place. This optimized the analysis process and also reduced chances of errors.
A supply chain services company that provides warehouse storage and transportation services was not able to invoice accurately, due to scattered information and paper-based documentation. Our barcode based solution, that included a web portal and a mobile app for the field force, helped them to invoice accurately, achieving revenue realization process optimization.
The corporate finance function of an industrial group was collating data from over 40 divisions in Excel spreadsheets, and creating reports for senior management. We developed a web-based workflow automation system that delivered reports to management using powerful visualization techniques. These reports are now available to business leaders at any time, enabling faster decision making based on business insights.

Workflow Automation - By Function

At CCR Technologies, we work as your partner and provide consulting and development for all of these stages. Our workflow automation services apply the most powerful technologies to power your business processes.

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