The client wanted help to maintain weights generation process on quarterly basis. The client wanted to make sure constituents data of book value, cash flow and net income are downloaded on time, and the process of generating timely weights for distribution to clients.

A financial services company, faced with servers closing end-of-life decided to explore cloud provisioning to avoid capital expense. This entailed migrating multiple critical database servers and websites without interruption or disruption to business.

The client wanted to develop a web based and secured research platform to host company valuation models in a secure manner, which would prevent infringement of the company’s IP as well as piracy.

Our global capital markets client wanted to create a web based tool for generating daily and weekly customized market summary and valuation reports for distribution internally and clients. The application would compile data from multiple sources.

The customer provides storage and transportation of the components required for manufacturing industries. They were using spreadsheets and manual systems to track their assets and generate the information needed for invoicing. 

A hedge fund client that invests across the capital structure and has research analysts in multiple geographic locations and time zones wanted to create a proprietary and secure web based analytical platform.

The corporate finance team received financial reports from up to forty divisions in Excel which needed to be consolidated for analysis and presentation to senior management twice a month.