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Inefficient processes that are based on manual data collection and outdated tools lead to a loss of productivity, costly errors and unhappy teams. Are your team members struggling because these processes are made more difficult than they need to be? A variety of workflows enable your business operations. Across functions such as sales, HR, finance and production – defined workflows ensure that relevant information is available, and processes are followed.

CCR Technologies helps organizations manage and automate workflows so that operations are streamlined, and overheads reduced. Our custom business analytics solution helps you analyze your current business processes, suggest process improvements, and apply technology to automate your workflows.

Benefits of Workflow Automation

Customized web and mobile based systems that automate workflows offer powerful benefits over manual or spreadsheet based working:

  • Increased revenue realization as important business processes such as invoicing, enquiry handling, service request fulfilment etc. are processed faster.
  • Better management decisions based on timely and accurate data.
  • Optimized efforts and more engaged employees.
  • Enhanced compliance through proper approvals and processes and protection from liabilities arising from non-compliance.
  • Prevention of fraudulent practices.

Features of an effective
workflow management system

Analyze current workflow management systems. Which are taking too much time and effort? Which would yield the most benefit if process automation was done?

Who are the stakeholders, what role do they play in this workflow and what information do they need?

How is data being collected and entered currently? How can this effort be minimized? Consider various technologies such as mobile apps, RFID readers and barcodes that can collect data at various points and save the efforts of manual data entry. Also, data that is entered once should be populated everywhere that it is needed, again saving manual effort.

Define how the automated workflow needs to integrate with current enterprise systems.

Define the process initiation, approval, completion and reporting process in the new system.

As your technology partner, we will develop the new system, implement it and ensure all stakeholders get value from it.

At CCR Technologies, we work as your partner and provide consulting and development for all of these stages. Our workflow automation services apply the most powerful technologies to power your business processes.

Workflow Automation - By Function

Case study

Supply Chain Management

The customer provides storage and transportation of the components required for manufacturing industries. They were using spreadsheets and manual systems to track their assets and generate the information needed for invoicing. This led to revenue leakage and errors. CCR Technologies developed Workflow Automation that brought in better visibility, control, coordination and accuracy.

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