Cloud Migration

The Challenge

A financial services company, faced with servers closing end-of-life decided to explore cloud provisioning to avoid capital expense. This entailed migrating multiple critical database servers and websites without interruption or disruption to business, with high priority on data security and protection during migration.

The Solution

After discussions with the client on advantages and disadvantages of the various available cloud options and its costs, our expert DBA team executed all aspects of the project – including HW provisioning, database definition and data migration, right sizing and fine tuning, web registrations, SW licensing, security and data protection during migration.

The Result

Our client, unaware of the hard work that went into detailed planning and precise execution behind the scenes, is delighted to avoid the large capital expense to replace the out dated servers. With careful planning and focused execution, our DBA and networking team executed the migration on time and without any hiccups. All systems were up and running without any interruptions.

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