Custom Reports

Our global capital markets client wanted to create a web based tool for generating daily and weekly customized market summary and valuation reports for distribution internally and clients. The application would compile data from multiple sources to generate proprietary indices, news and commentary on industry studies and capital market transactions. Reports needed to be accessed on mobile platforms like the iPhone, Android and iPad, so that management could stay current and effectively communicate with clients when they were away from the office.

Before CCR was involved

  • The client used a large number of excel spreadsheets to download data from vendors (Bloomberg, Yahoo Financials, Factset).
  • Excel was used for computing indexes and report was compiled using a publisher by analysts. Process was laborious, cumbersome and time consuming, causing delays and errors.
  • Customization to client’s requirement was a far fetched and innovative idea beyond execution.
  • The reports often failed to open on mobile devices and the managers in transit often missed current news on market transactions and industry catalysts.

After CCR was involved

  • The client could generate customized client reports to deepen the relationships and add long term value.
  • High Security and confidentiality was built to preserve client data.
  • Senior Management had access to reports and current news stories on their mobile devices. This kept them current and competitive in a dynamic global markets environment.
  • Cloud hosting infrastructure deployment eliminated capital costs with worry-free post production maintenance.

Target problem

Investment banks are constantly competing for deals. The competitive and fast moving market environment made it difficult to follow thru on developing opportunities in a timely manner without employing a large group of quantitative analysts and IT consultants to target various data and news sources, organize and analyze it and distribute it to Senior Management and the end client in a timely manner.

Value added to client over time

The client now provides a custom and value-added experience to their clients, unlike many of its competitors.

Improved face time
The important and timely data provided to their clients via reports provides for continued communication and an extension of the relationship with clients.

Time and cost saving
CCR provided the technology to automate the report generation process, enable effective and continuous communication with clients and stay current with capital market transaction news.

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