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A proprietary research company delivering world’s first non-market cap weighted index series based on FTSE global index

The client wanted help to maintain weights generation process on quarterly basis. The client wanted to make sure constituents data of book value, cash flow and net income are downloaded on time, and the process of generating timely weights for distribution to clients.

Before CCR was involved

  • The client did not have control over the review process of generated weights.
  • The client did not have access to the data source that was used during weights generation process.

After CCR was involved

  • Data source was changed. So, the client and CCR had access to the same data source subscription (Thomson Reuters).
  • Simple yet efficient file sharing mechanism was put in place. So, the client could access all data used during quarterly weighted index changes.
  • Standardized email delivery process was introduced which allowed all final output delivered from a common mailbox.
  • The client now had total control over which index constituents’ weight that needed adjustment so that there was no significant change in it as QoQ.
  • Prior to actual weights generation process, test run was added where previous quarters’ index constituents were used to collect the latest data to get an idea about potential constituents that may need weights override.
  • Entire process was completely documented.

Target problem

The clients’ oversight was limited due to the lack of access to the data source that was used by the client.

Value added to client over time

  • Differentiation
    Process review that CCR developed as new step that gave client very focused set of index constituents to be reviewed for potential override, and has helped in quick decision making.
  • CCR’s Continuous engagement and partnership created a team effort in understanding and improving the process.

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