Workflow Automation led to revenue increase and better asset utilization

Workflow Automation Case Study

Supply Chain Management

Client: A global leader in Supply Chain Management services for manufacturing industries.

Measurable increase in billing through accurate information and control

Increase in asset utilization through better tracking of assets

Executive Summary

The customer provides storage and transportation of the components required for manufacturing industries. They were using spreadsheets and manual systems to track their assets and generate the information needed for invoicing. This led to revenue leakage and errors. CCR Technologies developed Workflow Automation that brought in better visibility, control, coordination and accuracy.


The company leases transportation containers, fills them at one location and transports them to the manufacturing facility at another location. They also provide warehousing facilities when required.

They were tracking these pan-India operations using spreadsheets and manual systems. Some of the challenges with this spreadsheet based management were:

  • Many cases of revenue lost due to scattered information sources which made it difficult to track details of rentals, returns etc.
  • Lack of information about the location of assets which prevented optimization
  • Lack of information about the inventory available at various warehouses that made it difficult to provide the highest level of service to their customers
  • Tedious and time-consuming processes that were an inefficient utilization of their human resources

CCR Technologies Solution

We designed and developed an integrated Workflow Automation solution that included a web application, mobility and barcode based inventory management.

  • Storage containers are now tagged with bar codes.
  • These are scanned using a mobile device at the time of pick-up and return. This enables the company to invoice based on actual usage and return.
  • The company now has visibility into all aspects of their operations on real-time dashboard.
  • Inventory and leased assets reports are available real-time, on-line or printed – by client, location, type of asset and many other details.
  • Company is able to analyze data, predict requirements, foresee seasonal trends, and generally manage inventory with better planning.
  • Inventory at all warehouses is now managed centrally.
  • With the enhanced visibility and control, the company can now provide a better level of service and reliability to their customers.
  • As approvals and communications are now through the system, there is far better control, traceability and lower chances of error or fraud.

CCR Technologies developed an integrated Workflow Automation system using web and mobile applications

Future Plans

  • The company has scaled the workflow to all 10 warehouses in India.
  • The parent company in Germany has taken note and shown interest in scaling outside India.
  • The management is planning to provide read-only access to their clients and make the information available in real-time.
  • Company plans to include order processing and invoicing into the work-flow for end-to-end solution.

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