Predictive Analysis

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The Challenge

The corporate finance team received financial reports from up to forty divisions in Excel which needed to be consolidated for analysis and presentation to senior management twice a month. Excel sheets were collected via email and the process was manual and extremely time-consuming and error-prone. Managing a large amount of historical data in MS Excel was time-consuming and a major technical challenge, prone to errors.

The client required this data to be accessible to the business unit anytime to enable them to create reports with most current data and a customizable reporting application to suit unique business reporting requirements, forecasting projections and what-if reports.

The expectation was to develop an intuitive reporting tool that would require minimal end-user training and the capability to visualize data from different dimensions and customization using self-service reporting techniques.

The application would be developed independently at the vendor’s location and integrated with customers in-house data seamlessly.

The Solution

CCR worked closely with the clients’ team to convert the MS Excel based reporting process into a web based reporting application making the report accessible 24/7 to the user.

User role level authentication and authorization was provided for secure access. Combination of filters and settings were provided to create custom reports in various formats. Intuitive reports comprising tabular as well as graphical visualization. The application supported options to print, export and publish reports for offline consumption.

Modular architecture provided flexibility to add new reports in the future when required. Loosely coupled data access & UI modules provided maximum flexibility to source data from multiple sources.

Also included was an interactive free hand dashboard functionality to build custom reports, functionality to drag and drop parameters and view data for intended date range in tabular and graphical format.

The Result

The data for financial analysis in the form or reports/dashboard and simulation modelling is now available 24/7 and is accessible through the customer’s corporate intranet. Productivity of new web platform has outperformed existing Excel based solution. Significant reduction in turnaround time for generating and publishing the most updated periodical reports.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) designed for the reporting application is intuitive and easy to use requiring minimal training. Large amount of data can be processed and presented in tabular or graphical reports to the user within few seconds.

Interactive projection report used intuitive simulation modelling for easy forecasting and what-if analysis. Custom filters and options were available to view well formatted multi-dimensional reports as per individual user’s requirement.

The user is able to export the reports to MS Excel or PDF and also print the reports. Integration with MS Outlook for publishing snapshot of reports for collaboration is added benefit.

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